Reclaim Your Life

We are a licensed massage therapist and clinical herbalist team who use a variety of traditional healing practices to restore your vibrant, healthy life.

We create a customized health recovery plan for you based on your individual health needs and goals.


Our services include:
Traditional Thai Massage, Cupping & Gua Sha, Postural and Gait Assessment, Holistic Nutrition, External Herbal Liniments, Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essence Therapy, Nutritional Supplements, Custom Herbal Formulation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong and Hit Medicine

Our Approach

The foundation of our practice is built upon bringing every aspect of your body into balance to support vibrant health and vitality.  We view the entire body as a web of systems and layers that are reliant on one another, making up a whole, interconnected ecosystem. When one part goes out of balance, it cascades and throws part or all of the body’s systems into disarray. This includes physical and emotional health, which are closely connected and interdependent.


Achieving Balance

Our unique practice specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has unified it with a blend of other holistic healing therapies in order to tailor a customized approach for your specific needs. We address the root cause of your disharmonies that are creating imbalance in your body, rather than only focusing on your symptoms. Once you are brought back into balance, your body heals itself.

Use Your Power

Where are you on the spectrum of well being? Are you seeking relief from unresolved health issues or are you looking to be proactive with prevention and maintaining vibrant health?
No matter what you’re seeking, we can help you achieve it.
The power of healing belongs to you when armed with the correct knowledge.



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