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How To Redeem Your Gift Certificates

Give us a call to schedule the perfect time for your free session(s) that works with your schedule.  Your gift certificate must be turned in at the time of your service.

What Services Do I Receive With My Certificate?

Please see the details on your card for services purchased. Descriptions of services offered are listed below and combinations of services are subject to your purchased package.

One Hour Massage Gift Certificate
Select a 1-hour Traditional Thai Massage OR 1-hour Cupping and Gua Sha treatment

Option #1:

Thai Massage is a powerful healing art, typically performed clothed on a floor mat, where you’re put in a series of assisted positions combining passive stretching, joint movement, compressions, tractions, and acupressure. It has an incredible ability to greatly increase flexibility, mobility, range of motion, and improve posture. It opens up stiff, locked up joints, releases restricted muscle and fascia, encourages faster recovery, and aids in the prevention and treatment of injuries.

Option #2:

Cupping is a vacuum therapy that involves applying cups to the skin and creating suction. Gua Sha is a deep tissue type of massage performed with a thin, blunt tool to stroke along the muscular contour of the body. Both of these modalities are proven methods for softening restricted muscles, releasing toxins trapped in the tissues, alleviating pain and inflammation, shortening recovery time, and promoting healing. This treatment includes the application of herbal infused oils selected to match your specific needs.

New Client Introductory Session Gift Certificate

Select a 2-hour health/herbal consultation OR 2-hour massage and consultation session

Option #1:

New Client Massage and Consultation Session
Hannah Monson, Licensed Massage Therapist

This session includes a 30 minute consultation and 90 minute massage.  Hannah will discuss your current health, injury and surgery history and provide a posture and gait assessment.  The massage modalites selected for your 90 minute massage are based on your specific body and health needs.  You will also be provided with recommendations for self care, supplements, external herbal liniments, and internal herbal formulas to help support your return to a pain-free active life.

Option #2:

New Client Health and Nutrition Consultation Session

Jennifer Breschini, Certified Chinese Medicine Herbal Practitioner

This 2-hour consultation Includes an in-depth health history, along with tongue and pulse readings to identify the source of imbalance causing disfunction in your body. You will also be given recommendations for your lifestyle, diet, supplements, and customized herbal formulas to restore your vibrant, healthy life.

Please Note: All promotional gift certificates do not include additional purchases including all herbal formulas, liniments and supplements that may be recommended during your session. These can be purchased at the time of your session.

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