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Our Foundation

Balanced Life Healing Center was born with a purpose and vision. It was created as a destination for people like you seeking natural, alternative options for renewing your health, and especially for those of you who may have exhausted all other options and resigned yourselves to believing there’s no other solution for your chronic conditions. Too many people get trapped in an endless cycle of seeking sustainable, lasting solutions with no relief. It is our mission to provide the natural, medicinal ways of traditional cultures and extend a helping hand to all of those in need and bring them hope of healing.


We are a local, family owned and operated business based out of our home. This allows us to charge more affordable prices and offer more flexible hours like mornings, nights, and weekends to accommodate your schedule. It also means our organic garden is just a few steps away where we harvest medicinal herbs at their freshest peak and immediately process them into herbal formulas.  Our home and business strive to reduce our impact on the environment by producing 100% of our electricity with solar panels. All herbs grown by us are grown with organic and regenerative agricultural practices and all herbs that have to be purchased are sourced through eco friendly companies.


Balanced Life Healing Center's mission is to be a valuable resource that unites our community and offers holistic solutions and education to take back your health. Here, you will have access to a multitude of resources to help you work towards achieving balance in your health, diet, and entire lifestyle through our services, products and classes. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey of wellness with us as your guide.


Clinical Herbalist

Jennifer Breschini

Jennifer is a Clinical herbalist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, Medical Qigong, Western Herbology, Ayurvedic Medicine, as well as Homeopathy and Flower Essences.  What began 29 years ago as a personal quest to find answers to her own unexplainable health problems has grown into a deep passion to help those in her community resolve their own health challenges as she was able to do for herself.

Jennifer began her journey as an apprentice for many years with a Naturopathic Doctor and during this time received an extensive education about using dietary nutrition as the foundation of vibrant health.  She specialized her educational focus during these years on Traditional Peoples’ diets and how their health and longevity was impacted in return.  In 2015 after receiving a head injury in an accident that would not resolve with her current training, she again went out to seek answers and this time was brought to Traditional Chinese Medicine which provided the answers and relief she was seeking.  Wanting to assist others in the way she was helped, she decided to go back to school full time where she completed two years of training for her certification as a Clinical Herbalist as well as Medical Qigong training at the Hsin Fa School of Herbal Medicine.  She has also been continuing to expand her herbal education for the past several years at East West School of Planetary Herbology with their 4 year Clinical Herbalist program.  


With her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine Jennifer is able to determine what internal imbalances exist within you that are creating the unique set of symptoms you are experiencing.  She will then assist you with a customized recovery plan that can include nutritional supplements, customized herbal formulas, homeopathy, flower essences and nutrition.  She wants everyone to know that there are solutions to resolve what ails you and you don’t have to live with your challenging or puzzling health problems anymore.  


Licensed Massage Therapist

Hannah Breschini

Hannah’s entire life has been immersed, influenced, and defined by a holistic lifestyle, self sufficient gardening, organic eating, and herbal medicine. She has always felt a deep connection to nature and Mother Earth, so the concepts of bringing the body into balance and alignment according to the laws of nature resonates strongly with her. She has developed extensive knowledge and appreciation for the holistic ways and is inspired to use this knowledge to offer healing to others. 


Hannah is a Licensed Massage Therapist and earned her diploma in Sports & Medical Massage at Indiana Wellness College. She is fully trained in full body Strain Counterstrain.  She completed two years of Qigong training at the Hsin Fa School of Herbal Medicine. She is currently enrolled and pursuing her certification as a Chinese Medicine Clinical Herbalist from the East West School of Planetary Herbology. This training allows her to assess both internal and external imbalances in clients to strengthen and enhance her therapeutic approach even more.


Hannah curates an individualized treatment plan for treating both chronic and acute conditions by implementing the various methods of therapeutic bodywork and herbal treatments she’s learned. She specializes in Strain Counterstrain, therapeutic medical massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Traditional Asian Cupping and Gua Sha, Chinese Trauma Medicine, and postural assessment and coaching. It is Hannah’s lifelong mission to continually hone and develop her expertise for people seeking relief and healing.

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