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I started seeing Jennifer after taking her class about TCM. I had been frustrated with the lack of answers and knowledge conventional health practices could give me. Consulting with Jennifer has put me on the path to better listening to and understanding my body and the way it relates to the world around me. The food I eat, the emotions I experience, the relationships I hold, the way I work, the way I use my body- I have realized all of these play significant parts in my health with Jennifer's guidance.  Informed by her expertise and supported by her kindness I feel more comfortable and confident in this body of mine. Jennifer invited me in to sit at the table of my own health and wellness and for that I am forever grateful.

~ Alyssa

A little background first, I am an over the road truck driver, running team, which means the truck never stops. When I started seeing Jennifer, I suffered from chronic low back pain, leg pain and stiffness ( if I sat on the ground I could not get up without assistance) Hiatal hernia, acid reflux and everything I ate went right through me. Unfortunately, unless I change careers, I do the worst three things possible, lack of exercise, terrible diet and poor sleep. Also a laundry list of smaller issues plus being a senior citizen. I had previously gone to regular doctors and specialists only to be told “ yes there is something wrong, but we don’t know what." Jennifer made it very clear from the start, that unless I fixed sleep, diet and exercise that my progress would be slow and minimal. However, even though the improvements to my lifestyle have been minimal, I still have achieved about a 50% improvement in health, to me this is phenomenal to go from a rapidly declining state of health to a huge improvement is more than I could have hoped for. The skill, expertise and knowledge Jennifer possess are truly amazing.

~ Tony

Over the years I have tried many forms of massage, including relaxing, Swedish, Cranial Sacral and Deep tissue. My go to massage for the last 10 years has always been deep tissue as it was the only form that would provide me with pain relief and return of function. However that still had limitations, first the pain relief and  return of function were short lived, a week at best. Secondly, because I am a large guy and have a background in weightlifting, I would wear the therapist out.  Hannah, began working on me just over a year ago, her skill and knowledge is above those many years her senior, she wisely would have me chose one or two areas at the most to work on, this provided more relief in those specific areas.  Recently Hannah asked if she could try a new type (new to me ) of massage on me called Thai massage which I can best describe as a moving, stretching, deep tissue massage all in one. The movements and pressure are like deep tissue on steroids. The results are far superior and longer lasting than any other type of massage I have had. Recently I injured my ankle and was unable to put any pressure on one foot, after just a few minutes of Thai massage, Hannah was able to get my ankle back to normal. this lasted a week and my ankle was out again, Hannah was able to do a few different techniques and my ankle returned to normal again, it has been working correctly ever since. I highly recommend you try Hannah and Thai massage for any conditions you might have.

~ Marvin

I had been struggling with drug addiction for about one year before I met with Jennifer for help. Within 1 month of semi-regular herb and supplement regimen I was able to fully quit the drugs and start my path to recovery. My life is back on track and I cannot thank Jennifer enough for her compassion and willingness to stick with me through the most difficult time in my life.

~ Caleb

My father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer this last winter. While his disease was very advanced, Jennifer was able to give him comfort and relief during his last month. He asked for his "daily 5" which was a custom tincture to be taken up to 5 times daily. :) I will forever be in her debt for her kindness and quick actions that gave my Dad comfort before his final transition.

~ Mary



Hannah is, hands-down, the BEST massage therapist I’ve ever been with. Through the years, I’ve gone to see dozens of different massage therapists, trying to find someone that I really liked. After my first session with Hannah, I knew she was in a league all her own. My aches and pains were gone, and my whole body felt like melted butter. Hannah has magic hands!

~Ryan O.

I can honestly say that Jennifer saved my life. I’ve struggled with debilitating clinical depression for years. I’ve gone to see countless doctors and therapists, and tried every medication, but nothing ever seemed to work. A few months ago, I was actively suicidal and sitting at rock-bottom when I finally turned to Jennifer for help. I admit I was skeptical at first. I had never even heard of Chinese medicine before, but I was desperate to try anything.

I knew right away that Jennifer was different from all the other practitioners I’d seen in the past. Instead of a rushed 5-minute meeting, Jennifer sat with me for hours in her office talking to me about my depression. She asked questions and it was clear that she really wanted to listen and try to understand EVERYTHING about me, my life, and my medical history.

Next, Jennifer put together a customized treatment plan for me… After just TWO WEEKS of taking everything she recommended , I felt like (for the first time in years) that my depression had almost entirely gone away. The difference was like night and day! Jennifer is a miracle worker!!!

~Brandon S.

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